The HHH Natural Hair Transplant Clinic was established by Dr. Viroj Vong, the developer of the Line Thai Micro Hairline, with the goal to provide evidence-based and patient-centered solutions to individuals from all over the world who experience unwanted baldness. Serving patients for more than 30 years now, Dr. Vong is very confident of his services that all the treatments offered in his clinic comes with a warranty.

Dr. Vong understands that the success of his private practice relies on building trusting relationships with patients. For this reason, he invests heavily not just in procuring the most advanced equipment in the field of hair transplantation but also in furthering his knowledge in this area by learning the most recent, tried and tested techniques that make the procedures less painful and more effective.

HHH Natural Hair Transplant Clinic, which is staffed by a highly trained team of hair transplant experts who boasts commitment and creativity, is easily accessible via the subway or taxi. It is also in close proximity to beautiful, rural landscapes that feature amazing hillsides and sunny beaches, which patients from around the world find therapeutic and relaxing.

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